Stuffed Christmas Tree

3D Stuffed Christmas Tree


½ yard of two coordinating fabrics (A and B)

Tree template

Freezer paper

Polyfill stuffing

Machine sewing supplies

Hand sewing supplies


1) Print out tree template and tape template together.  Templates and printable directions can be found at the bottom of this tutorial. I prefer to transfer the design onto freezer paper.  Freezer paper irons onto fabric without damaging it for easy cutting.

2) Cut out three templates out of each fabric (A and B) to yield 6 tree shapes.

3) Layer 1 A fabric with 1 B fabric right sides together and sew all the way around the tree using a ¼” seam, leaving the bottom unsewn as shown on the tree template. I used a double stitch and turned my stitch length down to 1.5 to help reduce any holes that you may get from the turning and stuffing process.  Repeat this step with the other tree pieces to yield 3 sewn trees.

4) Snip close to the stitching, but do not cut through the stitching and on any points or indents (the tree limbs).  This helps the turning process to get clean lines.

5) Turn the trees inside out using the hole at the bottom and press.

6) Layer the trees onto of each other so that the same fabrics are facing each other.  In the sample, the white fabrics are layered on top of each other and the blue fabrics are layered on top of each other.

Stitch down the center of the tree, starting at the tip of the tree.  I used a double stitch and turned my stitch length down to 1.5 for this seam.


7) Stuff each limb with stuffing until full and firm.  If you separate the poly fil before adding it to the limb, you can get into the point of the tree and limbs easier.  A turning tool is very useful for this step.

8) Once completely stuffed, use a ladder stitch to hand sew the bottoms shut.

And you are finished!


Links to the printables are here

3D Stuffed Christmas Tree