Knot Bag

Knot Bag

This bag is quick and easy to make and is a great compliment to any outfit


14″ x WOF outside fabric

14″ x WOF lining fabric

14″ x 40″ batting or fusible fleece

Basic Sewing Supplies

Bag Template Here

knotbagA knotbagB knotbagC knotbagD


All seams are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted

Using the bag Template cut out 2 outside fabric bag pieces, 2 lining fabric bag pieces, and 2 fusible fleece bag pieces. Make sure to put the pivot marks on the fabric and fleece.  This is important!

Fuse the fleece to the outside of the fabric.  If using batting, baste spray the batting to the pieces.

You may quilt the outside pieces if you desire, but it is not necessary.

Put the two outside bag pieces right sides together, making sure to line up the pivot marks.  Sew from pivot mark to pivot mark. Clip the curve along the bottom of the bag for ease of turning close to the seam, but do not cut through the stitching.  Turn right side out and press well.


Put the two lining bag pieces right sides together, making sure to line up the pivot marks.  Sew from pivot mark to pivot mark, making sure to leave an opening at the bottom of the bag for turning as noted on bag template.  Clip the curve along the bottom of the bag.

Put the outside bag piece inside the lining bag piece, making sure to pin the handles from pivot point up.  We are pinning the lining to the outside fabric from top of handle to pivot point.  Make sure you do not pin the backside of the handle to the front of the handle. It will look kind of look like a road kill from a looney toons cartoon or a diaper. LOL.

Sew the inner curve of the handles from one side to the other.  Repeat on the other side.

Carefully sew the outer curves of the handles, making sure to stop at the pivot point and backstitching.  You will sew each side of the handles (top of front handle to pivot point, stop, take out of maching, move bag body out of  the way, then sew from the other side of the pivot point, to the top of the back handle). Repeat for both sides of the handles.

Clip curved seams and turn right side out through the hole in the lining.  Press well

Turn one of the front long handles in 3/8″-1/2″ and press well.  Tuck the raw edges of the back long handle inside of the front handle and sew across to secure.  Repeat for the short handle.

Top stitch along the center curves of the handles and outside of the handles.  And done! Once you get the hang of making this bag, you can pump one out in 30 minutes!!!  Talk about a great last minute gift!