The joy of quilting can now be realized.

7” Touch-Control LCD Screen

  • Simple easy to use menus and settings, that can be controlled right from your machine.

 3000 Stitches per Minute

  • With the ability to do 3000 stitches per minute, you will not ruin the stitch regulation!

Bright LED Lights

  • LED lights built-in right into the handles, will illuminate your work area for maximum visibility.

 Built in Black Light

  • Great when using glow in the dark thread

Spring Loaded Encoders

  • Encoders stay firmly on the track to provide precision-guided stitch control for perfect results.

Multiple Pre-Programmed Stitch Modes

  • Ruler, Idle and Baste modes are pre-programmed and can be easily activated with the touch of the screen.

 Comfort Grip Handle Design

  • The U-shaped handle design with comfort grips and height adjustable frame allows you to quilt with ease.

 Onboard Bobbin Winder

  • Built-in bobbin winder allows you to wind a new bobbin while you are quilting.

 Built-in Calculator

  • You can do your math right on the screen!