Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade Information

Introducing the Baby Lock Solaris Upgrade #2!

Including 6 new fills for IQ Designer
Enhanced Quilt Borders and 15 sash patterns
End point sewing – set your end point and the Solaris stops for you automatically
IQ intuition and positioning app compatibility

The Upgrade has a price of $699.99, but you of course receive your discounts.

Also introducing the all new Magnetic Sash Frame!

This 7″ x 14″ hoop allows you to easily and firmly position your designs in the hoop!

The Magnetic Sash Frame has a price of $599.99, but again you receive your discounts.

Purchase both to receive a bonus of $500 worth of embroidery designs!

We already have a bunch of these on order, but don’t hesitate if you want one!