Baby Lock Sewing/Embroidery News

As Baby Lock Tech draws near we have some exciting news on their fantastic new line up of Sewing/Embroidery machines!

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Solaris Owners we have a brand new update for your machine coming soon.
It will include the following:

  • IQ Intuition App to monitor the status of your embroidery design:  thread colors, time for each color & the overall design status, thread stop/thread breaks and when the design is completed.
  • 10-5/8″ x 10-5/8” frame with latch release at the bottom
  • Enhanced quilting border function
  • A setting to automatically lower the embroidery foot
  • 75 new embroidery designs
  • New decorative fills for IQ Designer
  • Three new stitches which look like a running stitch
  • Zigzag embroidery couching with special embroidery foot and 40 couching patterns
  • Zigzag couching (sewing) with the special soled yarn guide with digital dual feed foot
  • And More!