Anita Goodesign Party Information


A little bit of information for those attending our 8th annual Anita Goodesign Embroidery Party (Anita University 301).


We are fairly limited in our own parking lot, however our neighbors to the immediate east of us have offered to allow us use of their parking spaces.  However, NOT ALL OF THEM.  On Saturday they will allow us to use any parking spaces to the east of the realtor and to the south by the road.  On Sunday we can use anything that Avon isn’t using.

If you have any questions when you arrive regarding parking just ask Robert or Cyndi and we can direct you to any spaces available.

On Saturday we are expecting 70 people so the place will be a little tight.  Sunday we should have less attendees so that will give us a little bit of breathing room.


You don’t need anything for the party, but if you want to bring a cushion to sit on that is very understandable.  You may also want to bring a pair of scissors.

Scissors will be provided, but they are generally not the best.

Note that you must be responsible for all of your things.